Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too much "Coffee" & too much stuff

Well, I did manage to get a couple of things done around the bird. I covered a couple of more of my scrappin' tins.
I love those International Coffees (especially now that they are sugar-free) I love the taste and I love the tins. Those tins are great for storing just about anything. In the past, I have stored memerobilia and small glass objects in them. Now, I store all my little scrapping materials. I did a workshop on shakerboxes. I put all the demo shaker boxes in a tin. When I cut or stamp letters, I always make extras and I store those in a tin. Same when I dye ribbon, flowers or make other accessories like polyshrink or polymer clays. I make extra and place it all in the tins. This provides me with some instant customized accessories and examples to share.
Part of the great thing about the tins is how well they stack! And by making them different with Stampin' Up Designer papers, I can tell which tin I want. Sometimes, I add stickers from our accessories kits to label the tins.
Of course, there are other tins laying around as well. This tin was part of a present from my secret pal. After all the goodies were gone, I thought about throwing it away. But it was such a cute size for little gifts. The outside was a bit unsightly though. So I used our new Porcelain Print paper (Its like the old Recollections but in blues) Pretty!

I am also using the Porcelain Prints to cover some boxes for a friend. I'll be able to finish the decoupage when the source of feathers are out of the area.

Guest Slowing me down

Well, you would think that having my Craft Room back, I would have lots to show for it.

Not quite. We have a "guest" staying in that room. He has been here for a couple of weeks while his family is in Italy. Its hard to work with him around because he makes such a mess at times and he is a bit odoriferous. Plus, its a bit unnerving to be continually watched, especially when his head is upside down.

It also doesn't help that we have gone back to work and I spend much of my weekend grading papers and writing lessons.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Craft Room!

Oh Yeah!!
I have a place to work again. After my Number 1 son left for bootcamp, we started the household shuffle. Number 2 son went into his old room and all my craft stuff was moved into Number 2 son's room. That room was originally my craft room before he was born. Unfortunately, our house is not big enough for both boys and my hobbies. Most my stuff is finally returned to its proper location, to my husband's relief. We did leave a bed set up in there, so it is a tight work area. But its bigger than what I had before.
Now its time to get some projects done!