Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simply Scrappin'

I absolutely love
Simply Scrappin' kits because they don't require much thought. I know most people only buy a kit when they have a set of picture that they see a kit will work for. But me, I just get them all. Some sit around for awhile, and they I discover a picture that just say "That kit would work great here" And it does!

So here are a few different kits. Recognize any of these?

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Daniel is about to turn 10.

Here is Daniel's party invitation
I used Ahoy, Matey and Matey's Map.
The main card is on Blue Bayou (which always makes me think about pirates)
The Matey's Map is on parchment, wrinkled and and sponged with Chocolate Chip.
The Pirate is on Vanilla and sponged to give it an aged look.

It was a fun card to make and the kids liked it!

Navy Album

Hey, all! The main thing I have been working on is Patrick's Navy album.

Now, most of the album is not using Stampin' Up, but any and every other source of Navy scrapbooking materials I could get a hold of.
I started with his "Swearing In" before he left for Boot Camp. I used Pledge of Allegiance style papers and dog tags to highlight the event.

Just after swearing in, he left for Great Lakes Recruiting Center. We wouldn't see him for another eight weeks.

This page will have a personal reflection on his absence at Bootcamp. I will print the reflections on vellum and attach it over the postal montage. The side pocekts are perfect for storing all the letters during bootcamp.

After Boot Camp was completed, we were able to see his graduation at the Pass in Review. One of the most emotional moments of PIR is when the recruits entered the hall. Over 800 young men and women marching in to long absent excited families!

The Parade Hall is enormous. It needs to be to accommodate all those divisions and their families.
Don't they look fabulous standing at attention.
I loved when they all sang "Anchors Aweigh"

Once the PIR was completed, the announced "Liberty Call" Talk about a place going nuts!
It was a challenge for families to find their recruits in the crowd, but once we did, we also made a point of finding Patrick's division flag. He designed the "Mom & Pop" side.

Of course the album wouldn't be complete without the official division photo and yearbook picture of my sailor!

So on Liberty, Patrick finally had the chance to visit with family. But, part of his priority was also to eat what he wanted and play with electronics. During most of the visit, I only saw the top of his head. His face was buried in the DS! We did get plenty of smiles in filling his ice cream cravings, here at the Rainforest Cafe!

Of course just about everyone makes the track to Navy Pier. It was about the only site we saw in Chicago on our stay.
Even then, we didn't see all the activities there. We spent most of the time at the IMAX.

We saw him off at the airport so he could take his cell phone and DS with him to Groton for sub school. We hung out at the USO office. He was visiting with some of his BC friends.
And off on his next leg of the journey. I just wish he would send me more pictures to scrap.