Monday, June 23, 2008

More Carousel Notes

I love these notes!
I saw this great project on another site (thanks JanTink - Stamps, Paper, Scissors) and thought what a great present for Grandparents. I originally planned on trying to have it done for Mother's Day, but I thought a DVD would fit in the pocket as well. Since I am adding a set of videos of all our photos of the boys, the whole project took longer than planned. The videos are still in the works, but here are the cool purses I made for each Grandmother (and of course an extra for myself!)

Supplies: 3 Carousel

Notes and envelopes, Designer Paper (I used Afternoon Tea), Pretties kit, Ribbon, Classy Brass Pick a Petal, Crafters Tool kit, Jumbo Eyelets, and a pair of sticky magnets.

First make the structure of the purse with the three envelopes.

-For the center envelope, fold the cover flap in. -Fold the center envelope with the opening side outward. (This will make the raised center of our W)
-Take each of the other envelopes and attach them to the outside of the center envelope with the openings on the inside towards the center envelope. (These make the sides of our W) All envelope openings should be on the topside of the envelope.

- Cover the outside of the envelopes with designer paper. Feel free to add embellishments like layers of colors, ribbon or whatever. Remember, the ends will be covered by the Carousel Note, so keep it towards the base of the W.

-Start with one Carousel Note that will be the cover.
-Decorate the Carousel Note with Designer Paper. I used a Coluzzle to cut out the circle. Using the Pick-a-petal Classy Brass, the edge of the Carousel Note can get a nice touch by embossing a pip on each scallop and by piercing a ring around the circle of designer paper.

Next, make the top of the purse.

-Fold the Carousel Note in half and sticky strip the backside onto the outside of one side of the W.

-Punch holes in the top (on the back side that is attached). Be sure to stay towards the sides of the envelope, not the center, since that would interfere with putting the Carousel Note in. Add Jumbo Eyelets.

-Run ribbon of choice through the eyelets (I used satin ribbon but double-stitched would look good too).
-Sticky strip the ribbon in place on the inside of the purse on one of the envelopes. We will cover this up with decorative paper. Try to keep it fairly flat to prevent unsightly bumps.

-Add a magnet to the inside front cover of the Carousel Note and the purse. Its best to place one first with the other half attach then see where the second one needs to be placed when it is closed.

Time to decorate the inside!

-Cover the inside with Designer Paper. Be sure to glue carefully. Leave the center envelope opening available as a secret pocket for pictures or notes.

-Add pictures, stamps, journaling or whatever!

-Besides the inside of all three envelopes, take the two remaining Carousel Notes. These can be decorated and tucked into the envelopes.

-You can also add tabs to the Carousel Notes to make them easier to remove. I also dressed up the tabs with the Totally Tab stamps.

-Way easy to make a cool personal gift.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have been busy!

I have been busy on all kinds of projects. I just need to get the pictures all downloaded and posted online.
So, lets start with the ultra-cool Carousel Notes tote. The first time I saw a post on these, I thought "Whoa, that looks way too hard." But, after looking more closely, I saw how easy it was.

It starts by making a bag-a-lope from the envelope that comes with the carousel notes.
-Seal the envelope
-On three sides, score the envelope one inch from the end.
-On the fourth side, cut off the end (at 4.5 inches)

-At the score lines, fold the envelope into a bag. Fold each score line outward.
-There will be the extra tabs at the base. Move these to the outside and fold under to the bottom of the bag. Sticky strip the tabs in place. Your bag-a-lope is complete.

-Next I added the straps. I chose to sticky strip my straps in place. Once I have those secured, its time to add the Carousel Notes.

-Decorate your carousel note. I used Afternoon Tea designer paper. I also used the Classy Brass to punch holes and emboss the border. In color ribbons go great with the carousel notes as well. I added the Pretties flowers. Some of the flowers are decorated or colored. You can color the flowers by sponging them. I also covered one in Crystal Effects and added Dazzling Diamonds glitter.

I love these Carousel Notes. I hope that Stampin' Up keeps them in the next catalog!